BRIEF STATUS (As on 16.07.2018)

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  1. In 13 districts 116 villages were covered under GSA.
  2. Out of total 116 villages, 110 villages have been saturated with electrification of 3,703 Householdsby 3rd of Jun’18.
  3. 6 villages having 1,513 un-electrified Households are to be electrified under the scheme out of which for 5 villages forest clearance proposals are under preparation. Joint survey with Forest and Revenue Department has been completed. For off-grid Solar Power connections tendering is under progress. For one village, work is under progress for construction of line under DDUGJY.


  1. Out of total 695 villages (US Nagar: 362, Haridwar: 333) 374 villages have already been saturated with electrification of 3,36,863 (US Nagar: 1,53,623, Haridwar: 1,83,240) Households by 3rd Jun’18.
  2. 321 Villages having 9,286 (US Nagar: 3,546, Haridwar:5,740) un-electrified Households are to be electrified under the scheme.
  3. Validation of un-electrified households has been completed and uploaded of REC web portal.
  4. Electrification of un-electrified Households is under progress.

b. Scheme DPR

  1. Provisional sanction of scheme covering 2,52,943 UE HHs (apart from 96796 UE Hhs covered under DDUGJY) amounting to Rs. 183.70 Cr. has been granted vide letter no. REC/SAUBHAGYA/2018-19/48 dated 23.06.2018.
  2. Monitoring Committee of MoP, on its meeting held on dated 9th July, 2018 has approved the DPR submitted by UPCL. Minutes of meeting is awaited.

c. Organisation of Camps

  1. Till date 1400 camps have been organized in Uttarakhand and from the date of launching of Saubhagya 65,675 connections have been provided up to 30th Jun’ 18.

d. Communication of Campaign

  1. Till date 52 hoardings have been installed across 13 districts of the State.

e. Household Electrification:

  1. Out of 2,52,943 (no. of UE Hhs as per sanctioned provisional DPR) un-electrified HHs 65,675 HHs have been electrified up to 30thJun’ 18.
  2. Physical Progress 25.96%.

f. Reporting of Progress

    • Progress is being updated fortnightly and progress up to 30th Jun’ 18 has already been sent to REC.

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