Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP)

Objective:- R-APDRP has been initiated by  Govt. of India for Reducing AT&C losses in State Owned Electricity Distribution Utilities in India. The Program is divided into two parts

Part - A

Aims at establishing base line data for accurate measurement of losses at various levels and improving customer services for the utilities.

Part – A of the Schemes covers

  • Consumer Indexing
  • GIS Mapping
  • Asset Mapping of the entire distribution network
  • AMR on Distribution Transformers and Feeders
  • Automatic Data Logging for all DTs & Feeders
  • SCADA/DMS for cities having population > 4 lac
  • Adoption of IT for meter reading, billing & collection,
  • MIS
  • Redressal of consumer grievances & establishment of IT enabled consumer service centers etc.

Part - B

Emphasizes on system strengthening , improvement and  augmentation of distribution system. This shall involve

  • Identification of high loss areas
  • Preparation of investment plans for identified areas
  • Implementation of Plan
  • Monitoring of losses

Part – B of the Schemes covers

  • Renovation, modernization and strengthening of 11 KV level Substations
  • Re-conductoring of lines at 11 KV level and below.
  • Load Bifurcation
  • Feeder Separation
  • Load Balancing
  • HVDS (11 KV)
  • Aerial Bunched Conductoring in Dense Areas
  • Replacement of electromagnetic energy meters with tamper proof electronic meters .
  • Installation of capacitor banks & mobile service centers .

Link for Important documents related to R-APDRP (Part A)

Guidelines for Billing of Solar Roof Top consumers from RAPDRP system.

Status of RAPDRP Part (A) Scheme (as on 16-07-2018)

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